How To Start A Revolution – Special Edition

Von Anna McCarthy. Booklet with special exercice book cover, 4 signed riso prints, audio CD and a red pencil. Numbered and signed by the artist. Edition of 50.
Spendenempfehlung: mind 60 €

A musical adaptation of the multifaceted, facetious, ongoing project „How to Start a Revolution“ written and performed by the artist together the musicians Tom Wu, Antenne Danger, Tagar and Manuela Rzytki, which deals with the romanticization and synaesthetic manipulation tactics entailed in depictions of revolution, rebellion, and recent history acted out by an ever same group of bored rebels. Facts are mixed with fiction, layers are built upon layers, translations occur to create scenarios that manipulate a viewer’s perception of what was and is truly real. 2-D actors and scenarios mix with 3-D action going on onstage.
In each booklet, the artist has left individual marks and drawings with the red pencil.

Artikelnummer 062

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